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Expert Tree Pruning/Trimming

In addition to preserving and maintaining the natural beauty of the trees on your property, Expert Tree Pruning can prevent the large trees on your property from becoming a safety hazard. Knowing and implementing the correct pruning techniques and using the best equipment for the job can save a property owner time, trouble and many thousands of dollars.

Highland Tree Services will analyze and assess the health of  your tree(s) and determine the particular pruning services that are necessary and beneficial. Expert pruning will likely include:

    • Any necessary measures to fix previous pruning mistakes
    • Identify and remove any part of the wood that is dead
    • Identify tangled or crisscrossing branches that need to be thinned
    • Make more space under the tree to enhance health and proper growth
    • Increase the airflow and light the tree receives by selective thinning where necessary
    • Proper lowering of the height of the tree by reducing the crown without improperly topping the tree

Large tree pruning requires the knowledge of a trained arborist in addition to skill, experience and the proper equipment for the particular job.  Workers who prune trees without adequate knowledge and experience run the risk of improper or excessive pruning techniques which can cause long term damage and potential death to the tree.

Protect your assets by keeping your trees healthy and thriving, beautiful and safe for many years to come by calling Highland Tree Services for a FREE CONSULTATION & BID.