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Stump Grinding

Preservation Stump Grinding

Removing stumps can be a big job! Leave it up to Highland Tree Services to remove and grind your stumps. We preserve the wood for you too, not wasting anything of the tree.

After a tree is removed there is a stump that some customers choose to have "ground out" this requires a fairly large piece of machinery to be moved to the site of the stump. All efforts will be made to ensure minimal lawn damage. However if the ground is too damp or in a "swampy" area it might be best to hold off for dryer weather.

All stumps will be ground below grade level. Grade level means level with the surrounding ground. Through this process wood chips will be accumulated. The larger the stump the bigger the pile of wood chips.

Wood chips make satisfactory mulch and can be used for landscaping around trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants around your property. However, it is not professional grade mulch and is mixed with soil. If you would prefer these wood chips to be removed, Strobert can haul them away at an additional charge.