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Tree Removal

Sometimes it's not possible to save a damaged or diseased tree. Highland Tree Services will provide you with options and advice, and when you decide to remove the tree, we will use all precautions and industry standards to do this cost-effectively, safely, and without damaging surrounding property. We'll take care of removing the debris (branches and small wood) by chipping. We can also provide full Stump Grinding services. Prompt clean-up is done every time.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Services

No one ever plans for a calamity.  But when one occurs and it involves a TREE, you can call Highland Tree Services day or night for an immediate response to a crisis.  Our trained professionals have the skill, expertise, and equipment to safely deal with fallen or threatening trees.

Dangerous Tree Removal

When there are large trees in close proximity to dwellings, property and people as in so many of our Northwest homes and businesses, it is vital to stay attuned to their health and growth patterns. Sometimes it's necessary to remove,  treat, trim or prune trees that put property and people at risk. This is where Highland Tree Services can help. Regardless of the size or location of a threatening or collapsed tree, we can determine the best course of action and carry it out. When a home or commercial insurance claims are involved, you can trust the experience and reputation of our first responders to  carry out all the necessary steps to ensure proper procedures are followed in the clean up.