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Highland Tree Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We serve King, Snohomish, and Pierce County.

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Tree Removal

Highland Tree Services will provide you with options and advice, and when you decide to remove the tree, we will use all precautions and industry standards to do this cost-effectively, safely, and without damaging surrounding property.

Dangerous Trees

When there are large trees in close proximity to dwellings, it's vital to stay attuned to their health and growth patterns. Highland Tree Services can determine the best course of action and carry it out. Regardless of the size or location.

Crown Trimming

Crown Trimming is the selective removal of live branches to reduce crown density. It's the most commonly practiced and effective method of pruning on mature trees. Highland Tree Services will get that job done safely and professionally!

Windsail Reduction

At Highland Tree Services we're committed to enhancing and maintaining the health of the large conifers that make up our "Evergreen State. Windsail reduction removes excess foliage to enable the wind to move more freely through the tree.

Expert Prunning

Highland Tree Services will analyze and assess the health of your tree(s) and determine the particular pruning services that are necessary and beneficial. Expert Tree Pruning can prevent the large trees on your property from becoming a safety hazard.

Crane Work

You can count on Highland Tree Services to come prepared with all the equipment necessary to tackle the job. Our skilled crane operators have the expertise and experience it takes to get our Tree Specialists wherever they need to be to do the work they need to do.

Stump Grinding

Removing stumps can be a big job! Leave it up to Highland Tree Services to remove and grind your stumps. All stumps will be ground below grade level.


Highland Tree Services Will take care of removing the debris (branches and small wood) by chipping. Wood chips also make satisfactory mulch and can be used for landscaping!